SOND - Snöskoterområde norra Dalarna, 1500km skoterled

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SOND is a economical association consisting of local snowmobile clubs:

Flötningens Snowmobileclub,  Härjehågnas Snowmobileclub,  Idrefjällens Snowmobileclub,  Långfjällets Snowmobileclub,  Lövnäs/Nornäs Snowmobilecluboch Särna Snowmobileclub

The Economical association has to objective to create, maintain and operate the snowmobile trails within the Municipality of Älvdalen, in the network of snowmobile trails, includes also collaborating with neighboring municipals. The network of snowmobile trails, incl. trails, shelters and service, shall be open for the public and tourist to the payment to fees.

The economical association shall be responsible for operating and maintainance of the Snowmobile trailnetwork and together with county administrative board of Dalarna, manage the governmental tracks that are within the trail network.   

The trailnetwork shall create conditions for a long sustainable tourism, that will not disturb the environment, reindeer industry , wildlife, agriculture and forestry.

Snowmobile tracknetwork shall be attractive both for the tourism and all other outdoor life.


Skoterledsnätet ska skapa förutsättningar för en långsiktig uthållig turism som inte stör miljö, rennäring, djurliv, jord- och skogsbruk. Skoteledsnätet ska vara attraktivt för både skoterturism och annat friluftsliv.


1600 km Snowmobile tracks - in Northern Dalarnas Mountainregion

SKOTERSÄSONG informations broschyr Klicka här (.pdf)

 (In swedish)


Sven-Erik Halvarsson, chairman, Härjehågna Snowmobileclub

Sören Landenberg, Flötningens Snowmobileclub

Ronny Enarsson, Långfjällets Snowmobileclub

Per-Agne Ericson, Idrefjällens Snowmobileclub

Michael Andersson, Särna Snowmobileclub

Ivan Sålders, Lövnäs/Nornäs Snowmobileclub

Susanne Olsson, cashier


Snöskoterområde Norra Dalarna, Drevdagen 79, 790 91 IDRE

Sven-Erik Halvarsson: 070-292 95 43

E-mail: SnöskoterOmrådeNorraDalarna

For daily contact and information about tracks, call  Idre Touristoffice 0046-(0)253-59 82 00